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Welcome to Chad’s Fantasy NASCAR 2008!

Posted by chadmusselman on February 17, 2008

Welcome to Chad’s Fantasy NASCAR 2008! Thanks for playing with us this year! The Daytona 500 is just a couple hours away, and we’ll be on our way this season.

This year we have 49 people signed up. The payouts have been posted, and first place will get close to $107!!

If you know anyone that wanted to play but forgot to sign up, there’s still time for them. We’ve had people sign up after Daytona, still make the chase, and compete for the title.

Changes from last season
– We’ll have $1 paid to the team with the high point total of the week
– The chase will be like NASCAR’s. The top 12 will make the chase, and each win will get you a 10 point bonus.
– 13th place will get about an $11 payout

Headlines – We have headlines added from ESPN and to the site. Click on the Headlines link to view the latest NASCAR news.

Blog – The site has a blog that will preview each race, give updates and commentary on the fantasy standings, as well as other information on driver contracts, the age limit, etc.

Of course if you can think of things to improve the site, send an email to and let us know.

Browser compatibility: The site doesn’t work well with the AOL browser. Please use either Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Netscape Navigator. If you have issues logging in you can verify your browser has the proper security settings by following the instructions on this page:

Thanks for playing, and good luck!!


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