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California Review and Fantasy Recap

Posted by chadmusselman on February 25, 2008

First some pre-race notes from way back on Sunday when the race first started:
– Seeing ZZ Top play a couple of songs was pretty cool. Look for NASCAR to continue those type of performers as they try to get their “core” fans back.
– Did anyone besides me notice Mark Martin’s hat he was wearing in the interviews? It had #8 on the side, but on the back it looked like it still had a Dale Earnhardt Jr. signature embroidered on it. Am I wrong, or was that really what I saw?
– Did anyone ever hear who the guy was walking around the pit area in his pajama bottoms, bath robe, drinking coffee during the rain delay? That was funny stuff.

Now onto the race…
It started off pretty good and had nice action. The Casey Mears wreck was unexpected, but I never though he was a good driver, so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. Gordon had the dominant race car, and if they could have ran the race yesterday, he probably would have won it running away, but mother nature wouldn’t let that happen. He still had a good car today, but Carl was just a little better than Jeff and Jimmy.

The favorites for this race came through and did well. Hendrick rebounded with Jimmy Johnson finishing second, Jeff Gordon 3rd while Casey Mears and Dale Earnhardt Jr. were taken out in an early wreck.

As expected, Ryan Newman had a solid follow-up to his Daytona 500 victory with a 10th place finish.

Of the Four drivers I gave a real shot to win, Edwards did win the race (no one picked him for their fantasy team), Jimmy Johnson was 2nd, Kyle Busch 4th, and Matt Kenseth 5th. Too bad they were all in the chase last season, so you could only choose one of them for your fantasy team.

The other two recommendations, Kasey Kahne and Jeff Burton did pretty good also. Kahne finished 9th and Burton 12th. 38% of the fantasy owners had Kasey Kahne. Good pick up by those folks.

Jusmony won the high point total of the week award, and with it took first place from browere. Those two have put some early distance between them and 3rd place speedy, but will they continue to pick the right drivers and build on the gap to third place?


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