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Race 3 – UAW Dodge 400 Recap and Fantasy Review

Posted by chadmusselman on March 3, 2008

Overall it was an okay race, nothing spectacular. There were 19 lead changes, but a lot of them were during caution. I’m still waiting for that one race where they go side by side, rubbing to the line that makes you crave more. Hopefully Atlanta can provide that.

Two weeks in a row Carl Edwards has won a race, and two weeks in a row, no one picked him on their fantasy team. Carl now finds himself leading the points chase. Will that earn him some respect and make people pick him? We’ll find out next week.

Three of the four I picked with a real shot to win the race ran well, but in the end didn’t finish in the top 10. Jimmy had a horrible race, looking less than human. Kenseth ran strong most of the race, but ended up in 20th. Kyle Busch had the best finish, 11th, of the four, while Jeff Gordon had a great chance to win until he smacked the inside wall very hard, tearing his car to pieces. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him wreck like that before.

On the Fantasy side of things
jusmony builds on the lead, stretching it out to 57 points. Highlife had the high point total of the week, and jumped up 11 spots to 3rd place!

Buckeye65 jumped up the most spots, 13, this week moving into 13th place. Going the other way was spincycle, dropping 19 spots to 31st.

We’re only 3 races into the season, and there’s 23 left until the chase begins, so there’s a lot of time for those at the bottom of the standings to make up points, and those at the top to loose points. Nothing is set yet.

The next race is on Sunday in Atlanta. Good luck!


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