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Carl Edwards Penalized – Robby Gordon’s Penalty Changed

Posted by chadmusselman on March 5, 2008

During the post race inspection at Las Vegas Carl Edwards’ car was found to have the oil cap off, which was said to give him an unfair advantage. For this Carl was docked 100 driver points, Jack Roush was docked 100 owner points, and if Carl qualifies for the Chase for the Cup, he won’t be given the 10 bonus points for the Las Vegas victory. Also, crew chief Bob Osborne was fined $100,000 and suspended for the next 6 races.

Having the cap off is a violation of the rules, and in an interview Rusty Wallace said that it could help the car perform better, but at the same time, it would blow fumes and bad air into the car that Carl would have to breathe, more than eliminating what advantage could have been gained. Rusty thought that the penalty was way over-the-top, and should have only been 25 points at the max.

Bottom line, is that this was an unintentional mistake made by the crew and did not have an affect on the outcome of the race. NASCAR came down hard on Carl and the team, trying to set a precedence that they won’t stand for any type of cheating.

Was the penalty too harsh, or did Carl and the 99 team get what they deserve?

Also today, NASCAR today announced that they are going to give Robby Gordon back the 100 points they docked him after Daytona. They said that he used non-standard parts, but after a closer look, he got the parts from the manufacturer with the same part number, so the points were given back to him. They did increase the fine by $50,000 that they levied against his crew chief though since he listened to the manufacturer and not someone from NASCAR.

Could Carl appeal his penalty and get some or all of his 100 points back? Let me know what you think.


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