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Miscellaneous Notes after Atlanta

Posted by chadmusselman on March 12, 2008

Tires were a big story in Atlanta, and were probably the cause of the race being so boring. The driver had no confidence in the tires and were running sideways through some of the turns. After the race, not one driver had good things to say about the tires. Everyone thought they were bad and needed to be fixed by Goodyear before coming back.

Tony Stewart was particularly harsh. He said they were “not worthy of a street car” and also said that he can see why no other major racing series uses Goodyear. “I’m going to go home and put Firestones on all of my cars.”

Earlier this week Tony was on Sirius radio with Mike Helton, and re-emphasized the point that the tires sucked and that Goodyear has to be held more accountable

Goodyear said they make the tires to be safe since the tires that were used last year wore down to the cords. They admitted that they probably overcompensated on the new tire and gave up too much performance. They better get this figured out because the Atlanta race is usually exciting with lots of lead changes and close finishes, but last week was booooring with few lead changes.

One other note is that Kyle Busch, in an interview on NASCAR Now, credited his success this season to Joe Gibbs racing for allowing him “to be his own person”. Is that a knock on Hendrick, saying they were asking him to be more like Jeff and Jimmy?


One Response to “Miscellaneous Notes after Atlanta”

  1. theflirtingshack said

    I’m ready for the Atlanta race next month! Wooo Hoo

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