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Miscellaneous News and Notes From Around NASCAR.

Posted by chadmusselman on April 3, 2008

Here’s some miscellaneous news and notes from around NASCAR.

Greg Biffle Contract:
· Biffle is in the last year of his contract
· He and Roush aregotiating a contract extension through 2011
· If there is no agreement, then he’ll test the market to see what other offers there are, but doesn’t expect that to happen
· Biffle’s contract extension is about 90% done, and they’re just working on the fine details. He did state that he wants it done by mid-season though.
· Could this become a distraction for him? It doesn’t seem to be so far, as he’s 3rd in points, but we’ll have to watch his performance on the track and see.

Jimmy Johnson’s rough season
· Chad Kanaus said he’s confused about the car and isn’t sure what’s wrong.
· Have they lost the magic? Last year everything came easy for them. Will they be able to battle through the rough times and come out on top?
· It looks like last week was a step in the right direction.
· We’ll see how it goes in Texas, but in an interview Jimmy said, “We don’t have what we all need on the big tracks.” It sounds like they’re searching for some answers.

Danika Patrick in NASCAR?
· On NASCAR Now, Danika said she’s not interested in NASCAR
· She asked the hosts what the advantages would be. I guess that’s a fair question considering she’d have to actually qualify for a race, finish 20th or worse about every time out, compete for sponsor dollars, etc.
· They said more races, more money, but less free time.
· She wasn’t buying it, and seemed kind of put out by the question. I never really liked her, but based on that interview I like her even less now.

· Just like everything else in America, NASCAR is feeling the effect of a bad economy. There are several drivers and teams struggling to get sponsorship.
· Villeneuve is one guy who can’t find a sponsor. Bill Davis racing said that they have to find a sponsor before he’ll race again, otherwise he’s done for the season.
· Money is tight in NASCAR now, and it’ll create more disparity between the top tier teams and lower level.
· Look for Hendrick, Roush, and Joe Gibbs racing to pull away from the competition as the season wears on. It’ll be almost impossible for the smaller shops to keep up.


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