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Samsung 500 Review and Fantasy Recap

Posted by chadmusselman on April 6, 2008

Carl Edwards was the car to beat, and dominated all day long. Kyle Busch and Jimmy Johnson tried to keep up with him in the race, but couldn’t get it done in the overtime laps.

The surprise finish of the race had to be Ryan Newman in 4th. This was only is 2nd top 5 finish of the season.

The drivers I said had a real shot to win did pretty bad.
Matt Kenseth did the best, finishing 5th.
Martin Truex Jr. had a top 10 run until his engine gave out with a few laps left.
Jeff Burton finished 6th.
Jeff Gordon was bad all day, and finished dead last.
Kevin Harvick did alright finishing 11th.

The two others that I said should do well, didn’t do so well
Jamie McMurray had a solid top 15 finish, placing 14th, helping him stay securely in the top 35 in standings.
Denny Hamlin had a good run finishing 5th.

On the fantasy side of things nascar_nug got the high point total with 580, moving up to 30th place. Buchsmoto is still leading the league by 45 points over highlife. Jusmony and Speedy both moved up 7 spots, to 3rd and 4th place.

jj24, who didn’t play the first week, and got 0 points, has overtaken Hessler for 48th place. Good job jj24! Hessler, you’re not so good.

7 races down, 19 to go until the chase begins. Check back on Friday or Saturday for a preview of the next race. As always, don’t be afraid to post your comments or send some mail through the website to talk some trash to the other players.


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