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Race 12 – Coca-Cola 600 Review and Fantasy Recap

Posted by chadmusselman on May 26, 2008

It took a while for the cautions to come, but once they did, they came in bunches last night. The first 200 laps or so were pretty uneventful without much passing, but the last 100 laps got more exciting and the racing action picked up. Some drivers got lucky on gas mileage and managed to salvage a top 5 or 10 finish. Overall, it was a decent raced, but hopefully the teams figure out the new car and start to learn how to pass like they could with the old car.

So, how’d my recommendations do?
Four with a real shot to win.
Kyle Busch – He ran up front all night as expected and finished a strong 2nd behind Kasey Kahne.
Jeff Burton – Jeff was in the top 10 most of the night and finished 6th.
Jimmie Johnson – Jimmie ran pretty good, staying in the top 10 or 15 most of the night, but a blown engine didn’t allow him to finish the race and he took home a disapointing 39th place.
Carl Edwards – Carl was pretty quiet last night, but did manage to take home 9th place.

Two others that should do well:
Kasey Kahne – You can’t do any better than winning the race. Kasey was strong all night.
Denny Hamlin – Hamlin got caught up in some of the trouble, but did manage to take home 19th place.

Reed Sorenson – Reed got down a lap early and was unable to get competative, finishing 23rd.

Fantasy Update:
It was a big points week for several teams as browngw, rauch_racing, browere, and buckeye65 all got 700 points.

Highlife’s lead over buchsmoto rose to 31 points. There’s a 216 point lead over 3rd place jusmony, and 372 point lead over 4th place speedy.

Less than 200 points seperate 4th place from 15th place.

There’s still 14 races until the chase begins, so everyone is still in it. Next week’s race is the Dover 400.

Happy racin’ and good luck!


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