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A closer look at the fantasy standings

Posted by chadmusselman on June 27, 2008

16 races are complete and there are 10 more to go until the chase begins. Let’s take a closer look at the fantasy standings and see how some people are doing, and how close the competition is.

At the top highlife and buchsmoto have been trading back and forth for the lead. Right now highlife has a 90 point lead over buchsmoto, but that could change at any time.

From 2nd down to 3rd is a large, 270 point, gap. Bdf24 seems to be in good shape at 3rd place holding a 109 point edge over 4th place jusmony. 4th thru 7th place is a little closer where only 110 points separate them.

8th on down to 12th place is also a pretty close race. Only 107 points separate Buckeye65 and hotwheels, so there could be some movement among the teams at the bottom of the top 12.

For those that are currently out of the chase trying to get in, there’s still some hope. 20th place is only 90 points out of 12th place, which could be made up in one week. So, if you’re in 13th – 20th place, don’t give up! Keep plugging away, and you have a good shot to make the chase.

21st – 30th is separated by less than 200 points, and 30th place is 345 points out of 12th place to make the chase.

As you can see there are still a lot of positions to be gained and lost before the chase get here. Keep up with your picks, and good luck!


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