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Race 19 – 400 at Chicagoland Speedway Preview

Posted by chadmusselman on July 11, 2008

The next race in the series will be at the Chicagoland Speedway. This is the 8th race at the speedway, and will be its first night race. I’ll be at the race on Saturday night, and can’t wait to see the cars run under the lights!

For my fantasy picks moving forward I’ll be changing things up a bit. I’ll get rid of the current “four with a real chance to win, two others that should do well, and dark horse” format. I’ll be replacing it with the regular four man team that everyone has to pick. The extra I’ll provide is an alternate chaser to pick, and one of my three non-chasers will be a dark horse pick.

My team this week:

Kevin Harvick
Kevin has done great at Chicagoland since NASCAR started racing here. He has 2 wins, 4 top 5’s, and 10 top 10’s with an 8th place average finish. He hasn’t had a top 10 finish since race 10 back on May 3rd, and is way past due for a top 10. Kevin has also slipped 8 spots in standings since then and finds himself in 13th place. Look for Kevin to use Chicagoland as a rebound race to get a top 10 finish and back in the top 12 in standings.

Tony Stewart
Tony has about as impressive a record at Chicago as Harvick. He has 2 wins and 5 top 5’s with an 11th place average finish. Both of his wins here have come in the last 4 races. With the drama of “will Stewart stay with Gibbs, or leave” over he should be relaxed and ready to race. The stress of putting a new team together shouldn’t hit him for a couple more weeks.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dale has done pretty well in Chicago. He has a win, 2 top 5s, and 3 top 10s. In two of the last three Jr. has a 5th and 1st place finishes. He’s up to second in points and hungry for his second win of the season. He could get it this weekend.

Greg Biffle
The Biff has done alright at Chicago. He’s finished 11th in the last three races here. I think this is the year that he’ll crack the top ten here. He hasn’t had a top 10 finish since race 13 at Dover, so he’s past due for a strong run.

Casey Mears
Casey has had a couple good runs in the past few weeks with 5th and 7th place finishes. Now that he knows he won’t be back with Hendrick look for Mears to perform better. He’ll want to try and convince the other teams that he’s worth signing. He’s also fared well in Chicagoland with a 5th and 9th finish in two of the last three here. Since qualifying was rained out Casey will start 25th, so we’ll see in the first 20 – 30 laps if he has enough to get close to the top 10, or if he drops to the back of the pack.

Kasey Kahne
Kasey is having a good season with 2 wins, 3 top 5s, and 9 top 10s, but don’t look for that to continue. He has done absolutely horrible at Chicagoland in his four races here. His best finish is 23rd place. He’ll be starting 8th, but don’t let it fool you. He’s started 2nd and 3rd here before and finished 23rd and 36th. Don’t count on a good finish.


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