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No Coolers Allowed for NASCAR?

Posted by chadmusselman on July 21, 2008

Riding CoolerI went to the race last weekend at the Chicagoland speedway in Joliet (odd, since Joliet is about an hour southwest from downtown Chicago). While browsing their website to see how large of a cooler I was allowed to take into the track I found a disturbing policy; no coolers allowed at all! What!?

I have never heard of any NASCAR track not allowing coolers. How crazy is that? They expect you to spend $100 on a ticket, pay for gas to get there, and now pay for the beer, soda, and food while you’re at the track? Chicagoland did have free parking, which was nice, but I don’t know if/or how much they charge for RVs to camp for the weekend. I tried to look it up on their website, but it sucks, and you can’t find anything there. We were able to tailgate, drink a few beers, and grill some dogs before the race, but dammit, I wanted to drink more while watching the race!

Not allowing coolers into the track got my brain cells bouncing around and made me wonder if this was a policy that other tracks adopted for 2008, or if Chicago was on its own. After looking up the fan guide for every track that the Sprint Cup Series runs on, it was obvious that Chicagoland Speedway was the only crazy track to tell fans that they cannot carry in coolers. I’ve sent an inquiry to the speedway to get their reasoning for the policy. I’ll let you know if they reply.

So, instead of being allowed to cary in a cooler with a 12-pack of beer we could only carry in 1 sealed bottle of water each. To get around this we ripped one of the seat cushions and put a flask of rum in it. Luckily it was enough for two rum and Cokes which was okay, but not the same as drinking beer during the race.

I know there was some talk about banning coolers for NASCAR events if people continued to throw their cans of beer onto the track, which makes sense, but from what I can tell that has not happened in 2008. Let’s hope that Chicagoland stays the only track to ban coolers.

If other NASCAR tracks ban coolers you can expect attendance to drop even more than it already has. The normal person won’t be able to pay $100 for a ticket, $100-$200 in gas, $100 to park the RV for the weekend, and for all of the beer that is consumed at the track. It’s got to be the only sport that allows you to bring in your own alcohol and doesn’t have a last call. That’s one of the big selling points of going to the race; you don’t have to pay for the $6 or $7 beer.

It looks like Chicago is the only track in 2008 to not allow coolers, but let’s not hope it’s a trend that will catch on in 2009 or beyond.


4 Responses to “No Coolers Allowed for NASCAR?”

  1. Anonymous said

    have you seen the Fantasy NASCAR trophy on the blog page of Hilarious!

  2. Chad Musselman said

    Ha, that is a good one. Those are some pretty funny tropies!

  3. Abbie said

    Please check out the Chicagoland Speedway’s new cooler policy at They are allowed now! See you at the races!

  4. nascar said

    nascar fan gear…

    […]No Coolers Allowed for NASCAR? « Chad's Fantasy NASCAR[…]…

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