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Sharpie 500 at Bristol Preview

Posted by chadmusselman on August 21, 2008

This week’s race is Saturday night under the lights at Bristol. It’s always fun to watch a race here since everyone is in traffic at all times and passing is going on all over. This race should be a good one to watch as there are two racing grooves on the track and it should be tight racing.

My team this week:

Chaser: Jeff Burton
Jeff has been solid most of the season, although he’s finished out of the top 10 in 8 of the last 9 races. I don’t expect that to continue as Jeff should compete for the win this weekend. At Bristol Jeff has finished 1st, 2nd, and 9th in three of the last four. He runs well here and should keep it up on Saturday.

Alternate Chaser: Kyle Busch
I wanted to pick Clint Bowyer for this spot, but with the season Kyle is having, I had to go with him. In three of the last four here Kyle has 1 win, a 2nd, and 9th place finish. If you exclude his first two races here Kyle is averaging a 7th place finish at Bristol.

Greg Biffle
The Biff averages a 9.7 finish at Bristol with 7 top 10s in 11 career races. Solid numbers and he should be up front on Saturday.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Ten top 10s in 17 races, and two 5th place finishes, a 3rd, and 7th in his last four at Bristol make Jr. a no-brainer. He likes Bristol and the results show it. Put him on your team this week.

Darkhorse: Aric Almirola
This was a tough choice. There’re not may guys outside of the top 15 that are worth picking. I had to go with Aric since he finished 8th in the spring race at Bristol, his only career race here. I don’t think he’ll do that good this weekend, but he may contend for a top 10 finish.


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