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TUMS QuikPak 500 at Martinsville Preview

Posted by chadmusselman on October 16, 2008

Back to the ½ mile paperclip. Martinsville is usually a good place to watch the races with the cars going nose to tail basically around the entire track. There should be enough excitement to keep the TV audience watching.

My team this week:

Chaser: Jimmie Johnson
Jimmie has won 3 of the last 4 here, and finished 4th here in March. 13 career races with 12 top 10s, 9 top 5s, and 4 wins is awesome. An average finish of 6.0 is equally as impressive. Jimmie should get it done this weekend.

Alternate Chaser: Jeff Gordon
Denny Hamlin was tough not to pick for this, but I had to go with Jeff. He’s finished 2nd twice, 3rd, and 5th in the last 4 races here. In 31 career races he has 25 top 10s, 19 top 5s and 7 wins with a 7.0 average finish. A great career at the track, and it should continue.

The non-chasers haven’t fared well in Martinsville and it was difficult to choose them, but here’re the ones that have a shot.

Jamie McMurray
Jamie has faired well at Martinsville in his career. In 11 races he has 7 top 10s with 1 top 5. In the past 4 races here Jamie finished in the top 10 twice, in each of the spring races.

David Ragan
David really hasn’t done much at Martinsville in his career, but he’s having a strong season, and did finish 11th here in the spring race. I think he’s on the upswing and should have a good run.

Darkhorse: Casey Mears
Casey hasn’t done very well in Martinsville in his career, but in the last four races here he collected his only two top 10s. Not may of the non-chasers have done better over the pas couple years.


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