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2009 NASCAR Predictions

Posted by chadmusselman on February 9, 2009

We’re less than a week away from the start of the NASCAR season, and everyone thinks they have a chance to win the Sprint Cup championship. Daytona is the first step in achieving the goal, but as Ryan Newman learned last year, winning the 500 doesn’t guarantee a good season.

Here are some of my predictions for the season. We’ll see how well I do in nine months time.

Champion: Carl Edwards
Carl won the most races last year and had streaks where he flat out dominated. To say It’ll be tough for Jimmie to win four in a row in an understatement. I like him, but it’s time for someone else to win. Carl is that someone.

Most disappointing: Kyle Busch
Now let me explain myself… Sure Kyle won a thousand races last year, but that’s the problem. He’s going to run about 100 races this season between Cup, Nationwide, and Trucks. I don’t care how he dominates inferior talent in the lower divisions. He’ll wear down again in the chase, not keep his focus, and fail. Until his ADD attitude can be honed in on the one task that should matter (Winning the Cup championship) he’ll never be as good as Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon.

Most surprising: Brian Vickers
Brian did pretty good last year and had some good runs. I think with some of the mid-level teams contracting/merging it makes Brian’s team look better. There are now less teams with better equipment than him, and I think that’ll help him make the chase this season and even finish in the top 6 in points.

Rookie of the year: Joey Logano
Scott Speed is the only other option for this, and I think he’ll do fine, but he doesn’t have Joe Gibbs Racing and the resources that come with it behind him. Joey has superior people around him and should win the rookie of the year award fairly easily.

Comeback driver: Kurt Busch
Remember when Kurt was relevant? Remember when he won a championship, and actually won races? I think he’ll be back to similar form this season. He can’t let little brother show him up on the track again this season; he’s just too good of a driver. Isn’t he?

Most wins: Carl Edwards
Along with the championship for Carl comes the most wins. He’ll be a tough one to beat.

The almost guy: Martin Truex Jr.
This seemed to be Kasey Kahne a couple years ago. This is the poor driver that gets caught up in other drivers’ wrecks, or runs out of gas while leading the race with two laps to go. Martin seems to be a good driver, but I think this season he’ll be just a tick off and will miss the chase.

Have suggestions of your own? Leave a comment and let everyone know.


3 Responses to “2009 NASCAR Predictions”

  1. Anonymous said

    I hope you’re wrong about Carl. I’d like to see Jimmie make history, then I’d be content to let someone else have it for a while.I also hope you’re wrong about Scott Speed. He beat Vickers at Homestead last year. He qualified far ahead of Vickers in Daytona qualifying (2nd of the Toyotas after Kyle B). I’m rooting for him for Rookie of the Year.

  2. Anonymous said

    Jeff Gordon is the guy! For someone that calls yourself ole gordo you sure do not have any faith in your guym. Fair weather fan?

  3. Chad Musselman said

    I agree, Jeff Gordon is the guy. I have faith in him, but based on what happened last season I wasn’t sure he could make the run he is this year.

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