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NASCAR Season Recap After 9 Races

Posted by chadmusselman on April 29, 2009

We’re ¼ of the way through the season and sure there is a lot of racing left to do, but let’s take a look at how my pre-season predictions are going. Did I do any good or should I go back to the drawing board?

Champion: Carl Edwards
Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Kurt Busch have looked like champions so far this season, and either one of them could win it all, but I’m standing by my pick of Carl Edwards. Carl hasn’t been in championship form yet, but I’m hopeful that once he gets to the cookie cutter, 1.5 mile tracks he’ll turn it on. Carl is sitting in 7th place and should make the chase, but he needs a few wins to get better positioning for it. Once the chase starts he’ll work his magic.

Let’s just hope he isn’t in any more horrific wrecks like Talladega. That was pretty violent. I love bumping and spinouts like everyone else, but cars flying into fences put a few too many people in danger.

Most disappointing: Kyle Busch
Before the Talladega race I would have given this to Dale Earnhardt Jr, but after a good finish he moved up to 15th in points. Kyle’s season hasn’t been all that disappointing with two wins and being 6th in the points standings, but don’t worry. His disappointment will come at the end of the season when everything is on the line and he can’t get it done during the chase.

Most surprising: Brian Vickers
Boy, was I wrong about this one. Vickers is back in 17th place doing nothing impressive, while David Reutimann is doing an amazing job and in 11th place. David has improved his average finish 8 spots compared to last year. If he can keep this up and make the chase, there’s no doubt he’ll be the surprise driver of 2009.

Rookie of the year: Joey Logano
I think Joey still has the inside track on this although he hasn’t been very impressive at all this season. Joey has made all of the races and Scott Speed missed one, but they’re only separated by three spots in the standings.

Comeback driver: Kurt Busch
Did I call this one or what? Kurt is way too good of a driver to fall into irrelevance. A win with six top 10s has him leading the point standings. I don’t’ know if he’ll be able to hang on to the lead, but so far he is the obvious choice for the comeback driver.

Most wins: Carl Edwards
So far Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch are tied for the most wins with two apiece. Carl doesn’t have any wins yet, but they haven’t raced at many of the tracks he dominates. I’m sure by the half way point of the season he’ll have a win or two and be on his way to getting more than any other driver.

The almost guy: Martin Truex Jr.
This one is harder to call since there are no real stats to look up. Who do you think has been the tough luck guy this season; Mark Martin, Martin Truex Jr, Kasey Kahne?

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  1. Anonymous said

    You do not know crap.

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