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Driver Recommendations for 2009 Price Chopper 400 at Kansas Speedway

Posted by chadmusselman on September 28, 2009

The third race in the chase is at Kansas. Kansas is one of the more boring, cookie-cutter tracks in NASCAR, but hopefully the racing action will be exciting. I’m sure Joey Logano doesn’t want it to be as exciting for him as last week when he went flipping down the track. We’ll see if Jimmie can keep the pressure on Mark, or if the old guy will keep the points lead.

Recommendations for the week:

Chaser: Mark Martin
Average finish of 2.8 over the last 5 races, 7th best average finish at Kansas and just rolling. Mark Martin should be on your team. He only has 3 top tens in 8 races here, but 2 of them are top fives and 1 win.

Alternate Chaser: Greg Biffle
The Biff has the 4th best average finish over the last 5 races (9.8) and 4th best average finish at Kansas (9.9). If you don’t think Mark Martin can continue his strong runs, then Biffle is the chaser you should have on your team. In 7 career Kansas races he has 4 top fives and 1 win.

Clint Bowyer
Clint only has 3 races under his belt at Kansas, but two finishes were in the top ten, and no one has a better average finish than his 7.7. He does have 2 top tens over the last 3 races this season, so don’t count him out of finishing in the top 10 this weekend. He could be a solid performer for your team.

Jeff Burton
Not so long ago Jeff was a driver you could count on being in the hunt for a championship. Now he finds himself lost in the middle of the pack. His record at Kansas isn’t very impressive, with only 2 top tens, but they have come over the last 3 races. He hasn’t had a top ten finish in a long time and is way past due.

Darkhorse: Casey Mears
Casey isn’t one of the drivers you’d normally put on your team, but if you’re looking to gain points and pick up someone that no one else has on their team, then he could be your guy. In 6 career races at Kansas Casey has a good record. He has 3 top tens and an average finish of 13.8, good enough for 9th best among active drivers.


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