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A Look Back At My 2009 NASCAR Predictions

Posted by chadmusselman on October 21, 2009

Well, we only have 5 races left in the season, so it’s time to see how my pre-season predictions panned out.

Champion: Carl Edwards
I was definitely wrong on picking Carl. Since the chase started Jimmie has flexed his muscle and hasn’t looked back. He’s the man to beat and there doesn’t seem to be a chance for Carl to really compete with him. In 10th place right now, it looks like Carl will be lucky to finish higher than 7th in points.

Most Disappointing: Kyle Busch
I think I hit this on right on the head. Some of you may argue that Dale Earnhardt Jr. was more disappointing, but you have to remember; Dale Jr. isn’t very good. I never expected him to do much this year, and frankly he didn’t have the pressure and hype on him that Kyle did. All you heard about was how great Kyle is and he’s winning in the Nationwide and Truck series and is going to dominate all year. I figured he would at least make the chase before he fell apart, but he wasn’t even able to do that. He fell apart before the chase even started.

Most Surprising: Brian Vickers
When the chase started I thought Brian had a chance to still be the most surprising driver this year, but being 12th in points and not competing very well in the chase has put an end to his run. I thought if he could finish in the top 6 he would take this award, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.

Instead of Vickers I’d have to give this award to Tony Stewart. Yes, he’s a past champion and is a great driver, but you have to give him credit for becoming owner of a down-in-the-dumps team and getting both of the cars into the chase and him sitting 4th in points with 5 races remaining. He has a lot of responsibility this season and was still able to drive well on Sundays and be the best driver for a lot of the season.

Rookie of the Year: Joey Logano
This was a fairly easy pick since Scott Speed was really the only other rookie to choose from. Given the superior equipment that Joey has, it would be tough for him not to win this award. With 5 races left he has a 29 point lead on Scott Speed.

Comeback Driver of the Year: Kurt Busch
I think making the chase and currently sitting 5th in points would qualify this as a good prediction. Kurt finished the 2008 season 18th in points and needed a rebound year to get back into championship conversations. He has done that with a win and 18 top tens for the season. He likely won’t win the championship, but finishing 3rd in points is well within reach.

Most Wins: Carl Edwards
Wrong. I was way wrong on this one. Carl hasn’t won a race yet this year. Jimmie Johnson, on the other hand, has won 6 races and Mark Martin has won 5. It looks like a two-horse race to take this award home.

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