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Punishment for Carl Edwards Wrecking Brad Keselowski?

Posted by chadmusselman on March 8, 2010

Edwards Wrecks KeselowsiSo, the big hoopla in NASCAR is Carl Edwards intentionally wrecking Brad Keselowski, and having him get airborne in a vicious looking wreck.  Should NASCAR punish Carl, and if so, what should the punishment be?

A few years ago Darrell Waltrip used to call Carl Edwards, “Cousin Carl” because of his innocent looks, aw shucks attitude, and general likeability.  I think he’s done enough to shed that label.  Carl has probably turned some fans against him, and maybe has gained some fans for how he’s handled himself on the track this past Sunday.

If you haven’t seen the clips yet, you can view them on NASCAR’s website. 

Here is the clip of the initial incident that upset Edwards:  It doesn’t look like Brad did much wrong to Edwards in this clip.  Edwards came down in Keselowski’s lane and clipped the front of his car and then wrecked into Joey Logano.  True, Keselowski could have given Carl some room, but he didn’t.  It’s racing, and that stuff happens.

Here’s the clip of Edwards taking out Keselowski:

There are a few things that I have a problem with in Edward’s retaliation:

  1. It was too soon.  This isn’t like baseball and throwing at a hitter.  In baseball you may have to retaliate during the same game if you don’t play that team again that season.  Carl knows he has 32 more races with Brad, and he could have picked any of them to “accidentally” bump into him, taking him out of the race.  The fact that he did it so soon made it way too obvious.
  2. Too obvious.  If you watch the clip on of the wreck, at the 1:39 mark you can see Carl turn the wheel slightly right to wreck Brad.  At least while he was being interviewed after the wreck he pretty much admitted that it was on purpose.  I like that Carl owned up to it, but he shouldn’t have wrecked Keselowski in that situation.
  3. Not Safe.  Why not wait for a better location on the track (like the back-stretch), or before the cars got up to full-speed on the restart, or better yet, a different track.  Atlanta is the fastest track in NASCAR.  This isn’t the track to be intentionally wrecking people.  Bristol is the next track they’re going to race on.  Why not wreck him there when he’s going ½ the speed of Atlanta?

I have to believe that Carl will be punished by NASCAR, and he should be.  He could have seriously injured Brad and the fans in the stands.  In the 2001 season Jeff Gordon pulled a “bump and run” on Tony Stewart at Bristol to get a better finishing position.  Tony didn’t like the move and spun Jeff out on pit road after the race.  Tony was fined and place on probation by NASCAR.

Carl’s wrecking of Brad is way worse than what Tony did, and I would expect NASCAR to impose a big fine, put Carl on probation (Meaning, if he does anything like this again he’ll be suspended.), and possibly dock him points in the championship standings. 

NASCAR said they’ll probably announce the punishment Tuesday afternoon.  What do you think Carl’s punishment should be?  Should he be punished at all?


One Response to “Punishment for Carl Edwards Wrecking Brad Keselowski?”

  1. Scott said

    Carl messed up.
    Your article in my opinion was spot on and yes he should be punished heavenly.
    Carl messed up my fantasy scores and needs to pay lol.
    With Bristol next week he could have spun Brad around all day long and not gotten in a bit of trouble for it.Not that he should have at all, just saying. Nice to see rivalries in the sport but doing as Carl has just put this one in the past.Nascar will make sure of it.

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