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Driver Recommendations for 2010 Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Posted by chadmusselman on May 24, 2010

Memorial Day weekend has 1100 miles of racing between the IRL’s Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600.  The Indianapolis 500 used to be the premier racing event in the world with 500,000 fans packing the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Now the Indy 500 isn’t the premier race that day, let alone all year.  The Coca-Cola 600 has taken over as the top race on Memorial Day weekend.  It’s the longest race of the NASCAR season and is a true test of endurance for the drivers.

This Week’s Recommendations:

Chaser: Kasey Kahne
Kasey Kahne has had an awful year and is all the way down in 21st place with only 3 top tens and 2 top fives.  If there’s one track that Kasey can get another top five and possibly a win, it’s at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  He has 5 consecutive top tens at the track with 3 career wins, 5 top fives, and 7 top tens in only 12 career races.  His average finish of 11.6 place is good enough for 3rd best among active drivers.  Kasey has been bad, but the numbers don’t lie.  He’s really good at Charlotte and is worth putting on your team if you want a driver that everyone else won’t pick.

Alternate Chaser: Jimmie Johnson
No active driver has more wins at Charlotte Motor Speedway than the driver Lowes sponsors.  Jimmie has 6 wins, 9 top fives, 13 top tens, and an average finish of 8.6 (2nd best) in 17 career races.  There really isn’t a better driver at the track than Jimmie Johnson.  If he doesn’t get caught up in a wreck or have mechanical issues Jimmie should be contending for the win on Sunday night.

Kyle Busch
Kyle’s career numbers aren’t all that special at the speedway with an average finish of 19th, but his 6 top tens and 3 top fives were all in the past 7 races at the track.  It seems pretty obvious that he’s figured out the track and how to make his car last and contend.  Add that to the fact that over the past 5 races this season he’s averaged a 4.2 place finish, and it’s obvious he should be on your team.

Jeff Burton
Jeff could qualify as “Mister Overlooked”.  He’s always good and finishes most races in the top 10 or 15 racking up points.  He’s been particularly good over the past 5 races averaging an 11.6 place finish.  His record at Charlotte Motor Speedway isn’t too bad either.  Over his 32 race career at the track he’s accumulated 3 wins, 8 top fives, 15 top tens, and averaged a 14.8 place finish.  He’s a solid driver and deserves some respect and to be on your team.  He should get some good points for you.

Dark Horse: Joey Logano
Well, Joey only has two races under his belt at Charlotte Motor Speedway, but he’s done very well in them finishing 5th and 9th.  He definitely qualifies as being a dark horse this weekend.  If his previous two races at the track are any indicator, then he should be battling for a top ten finish at the end of the race and be worth putting on your team.

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