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Driver Recommendations for 2010 Carfax 400 at Michigan International Speedway

Posted by chadmusselman on August 9, 2010

First, let me say that I’ll be at the race this weekend, so I hope it’s an exciting one with lots of action.  Michigan is a track that the 2009 chasers have really done well at.  Ten of the chasers from last year have won at least one race, and seven of them are in the top ten for best average finish here.   Non-chasers have done pretty well here also.  One chaser that hasn’t been doing well lately is Jimmie Johnson.  Can you believe that over the last five races he has the 9th worst average finish (23.2)?  That’s pretty surprising.  Maybe even more surprising is that he’s still 5th in the point standings.

This Week’s Recommendations:

Chaser: Carl Edwards
No one averages a better finishing position at Michigan than Carl.  His 6.6 place average finish is more than three positions better than 2nd place Matt Kenseth.  He finished 12th here in the June race, but before that he had a string of six consecutive top ten finishes.  Can he get back on track and get another top ten finish, or has Carl’s luck run out in Michigan?  I don’t think Carl’s luck has run out.  He should be good again at Michigan and contend for the win this weekend.

Alternate Chaser: Denny Hamlin
If you don’t think Carl can get the job done this weekend, then Denny may be the chaser you need on your team.  He won here in June, so you know he can get it done.  He also has 5 top tens in 9 career races here.  Denny did pretty poorly at Watkins Glen and fell three spots in the standings so he’ll be ready to get back on an oval.  He needs to do well to redeem himself a little and try to get some more bonus points for the chase.

Matt Kenseth
Matt is averaging a 10th place finish in his career at Michigan, good enough for 2nd best among active drivers.  In 22 races he has won two of them with 9 top fives and 13 top tens.  Matt has been struggling for a while though, and if it keeps up, he may not make the chase.  He’s down to 10th in the standings right now and hasn’t had a top ten finish since the Coca-Cola 600 back on Memorial Day weekend.  He desperately needs a good finish this weekend.

Jeff Burton
Jeff doesn’t have the best record in Michigan with only 9 top tens in 33 races, and an average finish of 15.9 at the track, but this year seems different.  In the June race at Michigan he finished in 8th place, and now he’s up to 3rd in the point standings.  Jeff is quietly putting together a great season.  Even though he hasn’t won a race in 2010 he’s averaging a 12.4 place finish, and in the past five races he’s averaged a 7th place finish.  If he can keep that up, he’ll definitely be contending for the championship after the chase starts.

Dark Horse: Joey Logano
Joey has only race in Michigan three times, but he has two top ten finishes.  Over the last five races Joey has been pretty bad, averaging a 23rd place finish, so he’s past due for a good run.  Michigan can be where he gets that good run especially since he’s done well here before.


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