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The Best NASCAR Drivers for Car Numbers 99 – 71

Posted by chadmusselman on August 11, 2010

The countdown of the best drivers for each car number begins.  Let’s get it started with car numbers 99 down to 71.

Car No. 99 – Jeff Burton

Jeff edges out Carl Edwards for the best driver ever in car 99.  Jeff was really good in the 99 car in 1996 – 2003 when he finished 13th in the points or better every season, including four straight top five finishes in the standings from 1997 – 2000.  He also collected 17 wins from 1997 – 2001.  Carl has been good in the 99 car, but he only has two top five finishes in the point standings and 15 wins.  Maybe by the time he’s finished in the 99 car he’ll be the best to drive it, but he has a little ways to go.

Car No. 98 – John Andretti
John is the only driver to win in this car number so he gets it by default.  He got the win in the 1997 season.



Car No. 97 – Kurt Busch
This was an easy one.  Kurt made his name in the 97 car winning 14 races from 2002 – 2005 and winning the championship in 2004.





Car No. 90 – Jody Ridley
Jody edged out Ernie Irvan for car 90.  Jody had one win in the car in 1981 and finished 5th in the point standing.  He also finished 7th in points in 1980 with no wins.  Ernie finished 10th in points in 1990 with one win.



Car No. 88 – Dale Jarrett
This was a tough one to decide.  Dale beat out Darrell Waltrip by a nose.  Dale Jarrett has 29 wins in the 88 car with 6 consecutive top five finishes in the point standings winning the championship in 1999.  Darrell had 25 wins, and didn’t win a championship in the car, although he did manage to finish in the top five in points 4 consecutive season from 1977 – 1980.


Car No. 83 – Brian Vickers
Brian has one career victory in the car and did make the chase in 2009.  The only other driver with a victory in number 83 was Lake Speed in 1988.  He finished a career best 17th in the point standings.





Car No. 75 – Neil Bonnett
Neil accounts for the only four wins car 75 has had.  He won two races in 1983 finishing 6th in points and won two more in 1988 finishing 16th in points.




Car No. 72 – Benny Parson
Old BP did well in car 72.  From 1975 – 1978 he had 10 wins and finished in the top five in points each season.




Car No. 71 – Dave Marcis
Dave had this ride for a long time, for 23 seasons spanning from 1975 to 2002.  He collected 5 wins in the car and finished second in points in 1975, and was in the top ten in points in 1976, 1980, and 1982. 




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