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Driver Recommendations for 2010 Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Posted by chadmusselman on September 13, 2010

Finally, after 26 long races, the Chase is here!  The field is set and all of the chasers are within 60 points of each other and the championship.  This is the time when those 12 drivers feel like they’re going to win the championship.  It’s no longer a marathon season; it’s now a sprint to the end.  Let’s hope this means the racing action will heat up a bit too.  I know the non-chasers are usually scared of wrecking a chaser and ruining their chance at a championship, but I say nuts to that.  Everyone should race to win, not to stay out of someone’s way just because they’re in the top 12 in points.

For Chad’s Fantasy NASCAR, this is also the week that all the teams were reset and you can only pick one driver that made the chase.  Talk about making things more difficult.  Eight of the ten drivers with the best average finish in New Hampshire made the chase this year.  It’ll be tough to pick the third non-chaser this week.  Now we’ll see who among those that made the chase can really pick the best drivers.

This Week’s Recommendations:

Chaser: Jimmie Johnson
The man, the myth, the legend; Jimmie Johnson.  When it comes down to money time Jimmie performs.  He’s gunning for an unbelievable 5th consecutive championship, and I think he’s going to get it.  He’s going to start by winning the first race of the chase.  He won at New Hampshire in the late June race, and can do it again this weekend.  He’s averaging a 9th place finish at the track and has 7 consecutive top ten finishes here.  In 17 career races he has 3 wins, 6 top five, and 12 top ten finishes.  He’s amazing.

Alternate Chaser: Kurt Busch
Kurt isn’t as good as Jimmie here, but he’s done well in his career.  In 19 races he’s collected 3 wins, 7 top five, and 10 top ten finishes.  He’s also on a streak of 5 consecutive top ten finishes.  Kurt has been solid all season and is a great pick to finish in the top five and contend for a win.

Ryan Newman
Ryan just missed the chase this season being in 13th place when the chase started.  He can try to make some noise in the last 10 races this season and get the $1 Million bonus for 13th place.  He’s done well in New Hampshire in his career averaging a 13.3 finish in 17 career races.  He also has 2 wins, 5 top five, and 11 top ten finishes.  Add that to the fact that Ryan is the 7th hottest driver over the past 5 races, averaging a 12th place finish in that span, and you have a driver that should be on your team.

Mark Martin
Although Mark only has one top ten finish in New Hampshire in the last four races here it was a win, and in his career he’s averaging a 11.1 place finish, which is 3rd best among active drivers.  The old man can still get it done and has 14 top ten finishes in 27 career races to prove it.  Amazingly in those 27 races here he’s only finished outside of the top twenty 3 times!  He’s almost a guarantee to finish in the top twenty, and about a 50% chance he’ll finish in the top ten.

Dark Horse: Juan Montoya
Juan is 16th in points so he does qualify as a dark horse.  The reason I’m picking him this week is because believe it or not, he’s the hottest driver in NASCAR.  Over the past five races he’s averaging a 6.2 place finish, which is best in the series.  His record at New Hampshire isn’t very good, with only one top ten finish in 7 career races, but he’s hot, and I think that momentum will carry over into this race.  Put him on your team and you may be rewarded with a solid run.


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