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A look back at my 2010 NASCAR Season Predictions

Posted by chadmusselman on December 28, 2010

I know I’m a little late with my look back on the 2010 season, but the NASCAR season is so long that it almost goes up to Thanksgiving.  Way too long of a season.  More on that in another posting though.  For now let’s focus on my 2010 predictions and if I got any of them right.

Champion: Jimmie Johnson
How can you go wrong picking Jimmie Johnson to win the championship?  He’s the greatest, now winning his 5th consecutive title.  This was probably the closest he came to not winning since the streak began.  He had to work hard for the title by passing Denny Hamlin in the standings during the last race.  Jimmie should be the front runner again next season to win the title and why not?

Most Disappointing: Greg Biffle
I was wrong on this one.  Greg had a solid season by making the chase, finishing 6th and collecting two wins and 19 top ten finishes.  Greg, I won’t doubt you again in the 2011 season.  He is a good driver that knows how to perform.

Most Surprising: David Ragan
I couldn’t have been much more wrong with this pick.  David did close to nothing in 2010.  He finished 24th in points and his best three finishes of the season were 6th, 8th, and 10th.  That is not getting it done.  The promise that David showed a couple years ago seems to be gone.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s out of NASCAR soon.  Owners can find almost anyone to average a 21st place finish.

Rookie Of The Year: Terry Cook
There were only two rookies in the 2010 season and neither one looked too promising, so I had a 50/50 chance of picking the right guy.  Of course, I didn’t.  Terry only started 3 races and Kevin Conway easily won Rookie Of The Year honors.

Comeback Driver: Kevin Harvick
Nailed it!  Finally I picked one right.  Kevin Harvick had a horrible 2009 season and was awesome in 2010.  He finished 3rd in points, collected 3 wins and 26 top ten finishes.  Compared that to a 2009 season when he finished 19th in points with no wins and only 9 top ten finishes.  This is the Kevin Harvick we know.

Most Wins: Jimmie Johnson
Jimmie Johnson had 6 wins in 2010 which is pretty good, but Denny Hamlin led the Sprint Cup Series with 8 wins.  I was close on this one, but not quite there.

So, there you have it.  I picked 2 of 5 categories correctly, was close on 1, and was way off on 2 others.  I’ll try harder for the 2011 season, I promise.

Check back soon.  Now that the NASCAR season is around the corner I’ll be updating Chad’s Fantasy NASCAR, getting it ready for 2011.


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