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Chad’s Fantasy NASCAR 2011 is Ready!!

Posted by chadmusselman on January 9, 2011

The NFL playoffs are under way, and can you believe that we’re only six weeks away from the Daytona 500?  Chad’s Fantasy NASCAR is ready for its 7th year of Fantasy NASCAR fun, and the 2011 season.  Last year we had 74 people play, and the overall champ took home $445! 

This year we’ll have the largest payouts ever with the overall champion guaranteed $1000!!  League champions are guaranteed $100!  Tell others that you know would want to play and let them in on the fun.

The NASCAR season starts on Feb. 20th in Daytona, so you have 6 weeks to sign up and set your team.

Link to the site:

How to sign up

  • Online with a Credit Card
  • Chad’s Fantasy NASCAR costs $21.00.
  • The credit card processing is secure and run through PayPal, so we never see your card number.
  • If you played last year (or if you started to sign up, but didn’t end up playing) you can use your existing id and password by logging in at (If you can’t remember your password there’s a “forgot password” link that you can use to have a new, random password mailed to you.)
  • If you didn’t play last year and want to sign up, you can use this link:
  • After you sign up online you will be able to start picking your drivers instantly.

Any winnings or credits you received last year were carried over to 2011 and your price will be discounted accordingly.

The winner of each league is guaranteed $100, and the overall champion is guaranteed $1000!  You can see all of the payout info on the site at:

The rules are simple.  You get 4 drivers.  How ever many points they score in the race is how many points you get.  Easy!  The only catch is that you can only have 1 driver on your team that made the chase last year.  You’ll get trades each week, so you can change the drivers throughout the season.  To see the official rules you can use the following link:  

Updates For 2011

Live Scoring: Late in the 2010 season we got live scoring up and running.  Now you can log into the site during the race to see how your team is doing.

History of Your Picks: New this season, for returning users, you’ll be able to see what drivers you picked at tracks in previous years. You can see who performed well for you and who was a dud.

Here’s to another exciting season of NASCAR racing.

Good luck, and Happy Racin’


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