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Fantasy NASCAR Recommendations for 2011 Jeff Byrd 500 at Bristol

Posted by chadmusselman on March 13, 2011

The drivers should be good and rested for this Bristol race since after three races NASCAR felt it was a good idea to have a week off.  At least they fixed it so there won’t be a week off after three races.  (More on that in a separate post.)  We all know that Bristol is an exciting ½ mile track that allows for some close racing, and can make drivers lose their patience. 

This Week’s Recommendations:

Chaser: Kyle Busch
Kyle Busch has been running well so far this season, even though he did have some bad luck in Las Vegas.  He should continue the solid start to the season this weekend.  He’s done really well at Bristol in the past, and there’s no reason he can’t do it again.  Of the last four races here Kyle has won three of them.  He’s also finished in the top ten 5 consecutive races. He is going to win a race one of these weeks, and why not this one?

Alternate Chaser: Greg Biffle
“The Biff” has had a horrible start to the 2011 season averaging a 27.7 place finish in the first three races.  Bristol should be the beginning of a turnaround for Biffle.  He is averaging a 10.8 place finish here, and had ten top ten finishes in 16 career races.  It’s time for Biffle to start a string of top ten finishes, and this should be the first one.  Put him on your Fantasy team and wait for the points to roll in.

Ryan Newman
Unlike Greg Biffle, Newman is one of the hottest drivers so far in 2011.  He is averaging a 10.7 place finish in the first three races, and has done very well at Bristol over the past two seasons.  In 2009 & 2010 Newman finished in the top 10 three times.  Those are two pretty hot streaks by Newman that shouldn’t be ignored.  He’s a good driver and knows how to get around the track fast.  It should be a solid points week for Newman.

Mark Martin
For his career Martin has raced at Bristol 44 times with 23 top ten and 16 top five finishes.  He also has two wins and averaging a 13.2 place finish.  In 2009 Mark finished 2nd and 6th in the Bristol races, but he wasn’t so lucky in 2010 finishing 35th and 23rd.  This should be the year that Martin bounces back at Bristol and runs in the front pack to get another top ten finish.

Dark Horse: Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Earnhardt Jr. has the third best average finish among active drivers at Bristol (11.5) and has one win with twelve top ten finishes in 22 career races.  Dale has two top ten finishes in the last three races at the track and is off to a decent start in 2011 sitting in 10th place.   Maybe he will prove me wrong and have a good season and make the chase.  Either way, he’s worth the gamble at Bristol since he’s proven he can finish in the top ten.


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