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Fantasy NASCAR Recommendations for 2011 Toyota/Save Mart 350 at Infineon Raceway

Posted by chadmusselman on June 20, 2011

My picks last week were pretty bad, earning only 110 points, but hopefully I can step it up for the first road race of the season.  Get ready for the “ringers” and other road course specialists to be suiting up for this week’s race.  It’s tough to maneuver around the raceway with all of the twists and turn, and can be even tougher for some of the less experienced drivers to pass and contend for the win.  This could be a week to stay with the proven veterans and hope they continue to do well on the road course.

This Week’s Recommendations:

Chaser: Jeff Gordon
No active driver comes close to Gordon’s 5 career victories at Infineon Raceway, and he has 14 top ten finishes in 18 career races at the track.  The last time he finished outside the top ten here was in 2005 when he finished 33rd.  Even when Gordon is having a “bad” season he still does well on the road courses.  If you have Gordon on your team already, there is no reason to drop him.  If he isn’t on your team then there should only be one other chaser that you may want instead of him…

Alternate Chaser: Tony Stewart
That other chaser would be Tony Stewart.  Stewart is 2nd among active drivers with two victories at the track and also has 8 top ten finishes in 12 career races.  He has four consecutive races at Infineon finishing in the top ten.  His average finish of 9.3 is 3rd best among active drivers at the track.  He knows how to get around the ovals and has proven he can win on the road courses too.  If Jeff isn’t your chaser this week, then Tony should be your guy.

Juan Montoya
No one has a better average finish at Infineon Raceway than Juan Montoya’s 5.8.  In his four career races here his worst finish was 10th last year.  Montoya won his first race at the track in 2007 and finished 6th in 2008 & 2009.  It seems pretty obvious that Montoya loves this track and is confident he can win here each time.  Just over 13% of you had Juan on your team last week.  I think that number will be going up dramatically for this weeks’ race.

Ryan Newman
Flyin’ Ryan hasn’t done the greatest here recently, but does have good career numbers with an 11th place average finish.  In 9 career races Newman has 5 top ten and 2 top five finishes.  Even when he finishes outside of the top ten Newman has still be respectable finishing 14th, 20th, 17th, and 16th.  He seems like a lock for a top 15 finish, and probably a top ten finish.

Dark Horse: Kasey Kahne
Kahne is now down to 19th in points after finishing in 16th last week.  He only has 2 top ten finishes in 7 career races at the track, but one was a win in 2009, and the other a 4th place finish last season.  Maybe Kahne has figured some things out about road courses and is ready to go on a roll and string several top ten finishes together.  That’s good enough reason to make him the dark horse this week.


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