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Fantasy NASCAR Recommendations for 2011 Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Posted by chadmusselman on July 18, 2011

On July 31st NASCAR will once again be at the most storied race track in the world.  Sorry Daytona fans, but it’s true.  No other track has more history and nostalgia than the 2.5 mile rectangle of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  No other track has as many seats as Indy either.  350,000 people sitting around the track is pretty impressive.  It was even more impressive ten to fifteen years ago with it could seat 500,000 crazy fans.  The chasers have been hot lately and now they own the top seven spots in the standings, and 10 of the top 12.  Oh, and don’t look now, but after the race in Loudon Jimmie Johnson has moved up 3 spots to 2nd in the standings.  He’s the five time champion for a reason.  If you don’t think he can do it a 6th consecutive year, you need to think again.

This Week’s Recommendations:

Chaser: Jeff Gordon
Jeff Gordon was the first to win a NASCAR race in Indy, but will he be the one to win this year?  Of course he will.  Gordon leads all drivers with 4 wins in Indy, with the last one being in 2004.  Along with those wins Gordon also has 9 top five and 13 top ten finishes in 17 career races.  All of those great runs give him an average finish of 9.5 at the track.  Gordon is showing a lot of fight this season, and looks like he could get his 5th championship to match Johnson’s.  If I had a younger team mate I mentored that ended up with more championships than me, I know I’d be motivated to get one or two more to keep up.

Alternate Chaser: Tony Stewart
Some fans would argue that Stewart is the best driver at Indy, and they may be right.  His 8.3 average finish is the best, and he does have two wins, 6 top five and 8 top ten finishes in 12 career races.  Stewart can always win any race on any week, but Indy is very special to him.  This is his home town track, and he raced here in the Indy Car series, so he always gives it his all when he’s back home in front his friends.  This is also the part of the season that Stewart begins to warm up and win some races.  He doesn’t have one yet this season, but that could change in Indy.

Joey Logano
Logano has only raced at the speedway twice, but held his own with a 9th and 12th place finish.  He has also been very hot over the past five races this season.  In that span Logano is averaging a 9th place finish, good enough for 2nd best.  I was ready to write the youngster off and say he can’t cut it as a top tier driver, but he’s come back strong over the past several weeks and is showing that he can finish in the top ten each week.  Almost 26% of you owned Logano last week, and he rewarded you with quite a few points.  It’s time the other 74% of you woke up and realized what you’re missing.

Kasey Kahne
Kahne’s season has been very similar to Joey Logano’s.  He got off to a slow start, but over the past several weeks has battled, gotten some respectable finishes, and now finds himself up to 14th in points.  Kahne is probably too far out to make the chase, but it wouldn’t be impossible to do if he keeps this good run going.  He has only raced in Indy 7 times, but had top ten finishes in four of those races.  Kahne is on the upswing and would be a good driver to have on your team and collect points that everyone else is missing out on.

Dark Horse: Mark Martin
You may not believe that Martin qualifies as a dark horse, but he does sitting 20th in points.  Martin started the year strong, but has struggled lately finishing in the top ten only once in the last eight races.  With all of those bad numbers recently, why should he be on your team?  Well, because he does well in Indy.  In the 17 races there Martin has 10 top ten and 6 top five finishes.  He’s also averaging a 13.2 finish at the track which is also pretty good.  If Martin is going to come out of his slump it should be in Indy.


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  3. Mike said

    Looking forward to the race this weekend …. Chevk out myfacebook fan page

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