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This Blog compliments Chad's Fantasy NASCAR, recommending drivers for your fantasy team.

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About The Blog

This Blog is to compliment Chad’s Fantasy NASCAR website. Blog postings will of course center around NASCAR, the drivers, deals that are made, etc. This blog will also center around the Fantasy standings and make observations on the player rankings. Each week the blog will give driver recommendations for your Fantasy NASCAR team.

Driver Recommendations
Each week one Chaser (Driver that made the chase last year, or this year if the chase has started) and one Alternate chaser will be recommended along with three non-chasers.  One of the non-chasers will be a dark-horse.

What is a dark horse?
For the first 5 races of the season a dark horse will be anyone that finished outside of the top 15 in points the previous season.  Starting from race 6 on, the darkhorse is any driver outside of the top 15, that did not make the chase in the previous season.


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