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Fantasy NASCAR Recommendations for 2011 Good Sam Club 500 at Talladega Superspeedway

Posted by chadmusselman on October 17, 2011

When things started to liven up at the end of the race in Charlotte, Jimmie Johnson hit the wall hard.  That definitely hurt his chances of winning another title, but there is no way Johnson can be counted out yet.  Talladega is obviously a huge track with the drivers being bunched close together for most of the race.  We can expect more beating and banging on the cars, making it tough to predict who will make it through the race cleanly and go to victory circle.  Anyone can get caught up on someone else’s mess.  This could be the race that shakes up the standings and puts Keselowski and Stewart in a position to make a charge in the final four races, or it could be race that Edwards, Harvick, and Kenseth need to further separate themselves from the rest of the chasers.

This Week’s Recommendations:

Chaser: Kevin Harvick
Harvick is averaging a 7.2 place finish in the Chase races (2nd best) and averages a 14.3 place finish at Talladega (3rd best).  It seems like a good formula for him to have a good race next week.  In 21 career races at Talladega Harvick has 10 top ten and 6 top five finishes with 1 win.  Harvick is only 5 points behind Carl Edwards for the point lead and less than 1.5% of you had Harvick on your team last week.  This is the perfect chance to get him on your team and get some real points. 

Alternate Chaser: Kurt Busch
Kurt Bush hasn’t made a ton of noise in the chase, but is sitting 7th; only 25 points out of first place.  He has had a lot of success in Talladega over his career, averaging a 13.9 place finish (2nd best) with 6 top five and 13 top ten finishes in 21 career races.  With the unpredictable way races can take shape in Talladega, this could be the time for Busch to finish strong and move up in the standings to become a real contender for the title.  We know that he has what it takes to win the title.

Mark Martin
This weekend will be Mark Martin’s 48th race in Talladega.  He has had a great career at the track collecting 2 wins, 11 top five and 24 top ten finishes along the way.  Martin has cooled off a bit over the last four or five week dropping from 16th to 20th in the standings.  He’s due for a good finish and Talladega is a track that should suit his driving style and provide him with it.  Martin can stay in the middle of the pack and let the initial craziness settle down and be around to contend for a top ten at the end of the race.

Clint Bowyer
It looks like Clint Bowyer is starting to get the hang of Talladega.  In 11 career races he only has 5 top ten finishes, but he’s on a roll with three consecutive top ten finishes at the track.  In that stretch he has also finished in the top five twice with a win.  Hopefully this trend can continue for Bowyer and he’ll get another top five or ten finish this weekend.

Dark Horse: Joey Logano
Believe it or not, no one has a better average finish at Talladega then Joey Logano.  Logano has only raced here five times, but in those races he has finished in the top ten four times with two top five finishes.  He finished 12th last week, so maybe this can be the start of a good run for Logano to finish out the season.  He was on less than 10% of the fantasy teams last week, so pick him up and you should get good points this week.


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Fantasy NASCAR Recommendations for 2011 Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway

Posted by chadmusselman on April 11, 2011

Talladega is the largest speedway on the NASCAR circuit at 2.67 miles.  Drivers can go from first place to 25th place in the matter of a half lap.  Because of this it makes it extra difficult to predict who will finish in the top ten and really makes it possible for anyone to have a good or bad day.  Only three chasers from last season are in the top 10 of average finish position at Talladega, and six of last year’s chasers have won a race here.  The best average finish at this track is 13.3 and owned by Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano.  Not the guys you would have expected, right?  Juan Montoya has the fifth best average finish with 14.8.  You never know who will have the good luck at Talladega

This Week’s Recommendations:

Chaser: Kevin Harvick
Harvick is my main pick this week for two reasons.  One – He’s been on fire lately winning two of the last three races.  He has earned the nickname of “The Closer” now because of his late race passes to take the lead.  If there’s any place that a late race pass will win it, it’s Talladega.  Two – Harvick is pretty good at Talladega.  He did win here last spring, so he knows how to do it.  In his career he has the one win, 5 top five and 9 top ten finishes in 20 races.  Ride the hot streak and let Kevin Harvick collect points for you Fantasy NASCAR team.

Alternate Chaser: Kurt Busch
Like Harvick, Kurt Busch has had a solid start to the season and performs well at Talladega.  In 20 careeer races Busch has collected 13 top ten finishes and 6 in the top five.  He doesn’t have a win at the track yet, but it’s obvious he has the machinery and skill to get it done.  For the season so far Busch is 5th in points after gathering his 5th top ten finish last week.  Kurt Busch is a NASCAR champion, why wouldn’t he be able to get you some big points for your team this week?

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
If a man has five wins at a track in only 22 career races you have to have him on your Fantasy NASCAR team don’t you?  Earnhardt has done exactly that.  He has also finished in the top five 8 times and top ten 11 times in those 22 races.  Maybe Earnhardt will prove me wrong and 2011 really will be his year.  He’s off to a great start sitting 6th in the points chase after 7 races.  Talladega is definitely a track that he can break his long winless streak at.

Juan Montoya
Believe me, I’m surprised to be recommending Montoya too, but look at the numbers.  He has done well here in his career and especially last year when he finished 3rd in both of the races.  In eight career races he has 3 to five finishes, and an average finish of 14.8; good enough for 5th best among active drivers.  Montoya may be best known for his road racing in Indy Car and F1, but he’s quietly becoming a really good superspeedway racer as well.

Dark Horse:  Brad Keselowski
This one came down to Keselowski and Joey Logano.  I gave Keselowski the edge since he won here in 2009.  In four career races Keselowski has 3 top ten finishes with the one win.  As noted above, his 13.3 average finish is best among active drivers.  Quite honestly it’s been a pretty bad year for Keselowski not scoring a top ten finish in the first 7 races, and having a 15th place finish in Phoenix be his best of the season.  Keselowski doesn’t have a shot at making the chase, but if he wants to be in the top 20 in points he needs to score some better  finishes.  His first step to doing that could be this weekend at Talladega.

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Driver Recommendations for 2010 Amp Energy 500 at Talladega Superspeedway

Posted by chadmusselman on October 25, 2010

Only four races left in the season and Jimmie holds a slim 6 point lead over Denny Hamlin and 62 point lead over Kevin Harvick.  Historically Talladega has been a bad track for Jimmie.  In 17 races he only has 7 top ten finishes and an average finish of 17.8, but does have one win.  If Hamlin or Harvick are going to catch Jimmie, they need to make their move this weekend, it may be their only chance.

This Week’s Recommendations

Chaser: Kurt Busch
Kurt Bush has the best average finish at Talladega among active drivers at 12.8.  In his 19 career races at the track he has 13 top ten and 6 top five finishes, but a win has eluded him so far.  He’s also been pretty hot over the last five races averaging a 13.6 place finish.    Jimmie is the best, but at Talladega Kurt has a real shot to do better than him and possibly get a win.

Alternate Chaser: Tony Stewart
Tony hasn’t done well at Talladega recently with only one top ten in the last five races here, but he’s due for a good run here and some luck.  Over his career has 12 top ten and 9 top five finishes with one win.  He’s obviously a great driver and knows how to win, so he’s as  good of a pick as any chaser to have on your team.

Brad Keselowski
Brad’s first and only win of his career came here in last year’s spring race, and he finished 8th in the fall race.  If Brad can keep his nose clean he should finish in the top ten.  He seems to run well here and knows what it takes to win here.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dale is averaging a 14th place finish here and is second among active drivers with 5 wins at Talladega.  He’s been pretty bad this season, but throughout his career one thing has been constant, he does well at Talladega.  Let’s face it, Dale has been a disappointment this year and really needs to start focusing on positives to take into 2011.  Talladega can be one of them.  He’s awesome here and should do well again this weekend.

Dark Horse: David Ragan
This is a track that David has actually done really well at in his career.  He has three top ten and two top five finishes at Talladega.  In his last five at the track he’s averaged a 8.4 place finish.  I may be crazy, and I know he’s 24th in points, but David should have a good run this weekend and challenge for a top ten finish.

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Driver Recommendations for the 2010 Aaron’s 499 at Talladega

Posted by chadmusselman on April 20, 2010

Talladega.  Big, bad Talladega.  This is a track where starting position means nothing, and anyone can get caught up in “The Big One” and have a good day go very bad.  Surprisingly, only 3 chasers from last year are in the top 10 of best average finishes at Talladega; Kurt Busch, Tony Stewart, & Mark Martin.  No Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, or Denny Hamlin.

This could be a tough one to pick the winner, or even someone to finish in the top ten, but here’s my attempt at it.

This Week’s Recommendations

Chaser: Kurt Busch
Kurt hasn’t had too much success here recently, with only one top ten in the last 4 races, but his overall record is impressive, although a win has eluded him.  Kurt has compiled 6 top fives and 12 top tens in 18 career races and an average finish of 13.1, 3rd best among active drivers.  At one point in his career he had 7 consecutive top ten finishes at the track. This could be the race that Kurt gets his first Talladega win.

Alternate Chaser: Greg Biffle
My theory for picking Greg is the exact opposite of Kurt Busch.  Historically Greg has done poor at Talladega with only two top tens in 14 races and an average finish of 22.4, but he’s been hot here lately.  Last year was when he collected his only two top ten finishes at the track.  I think that recent success could carry over to this season and he can score another top ten finish.

Jeff Burton
Jeff has a string of three consecutive top ten finishes at Talladega, and 13 in his 32 career races.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it all season, Jeff Burton is a solid driver that consistently scores top ten to fifteen finishes.  He’s a good guy to have on your team for consistent points.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dale is the 2nd most winning driver at Talladega with 5 wins.  (Jeff Gordon has 6.)  Along with those 5 wins he has 8 top fives and 11 top tens in 20 career races for an average finish of 14th.  A stat that may not mean anything, but could be useful, is that Jr. has 3 consecutive top ten finishes in the spring Talladega race.

Dark Horse: Brad Keselowski
Believe it or not, Brad has the best average finish at Talladega; 4.5.  Of course he only has two career races at the track with a win and 8th place finish.  This is obviously a track that he feels comfortable with, so why not pick him and take chance on the kid this weekend?

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